Costeselle Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG
Alcohol 11,50% 6 Bottles


Grape variety: Glera
Training system: the vines are trained in
cappuccina (double upside down). All the
operations, from pruning to harvesting, are
carried out exclusively by hand, both due to the
steep slope of the plots, both for the
corporate philosophy aimed at maintaining the most
high quality standards.
Oenological technique: manual harvesting, pressing
soft, static decantation of the musts,
fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16°C,
conservation of the base wine at 8°C with batonnage
until the second fermentation. Refermentation in
autoclave according to the Martinotti-Charmat method
at a temperature of 16°C for 60 days.
Alcohol content: 11.5% vol
Total sugars: 15.1 g/l (12-17 g/l)
Foam: fine, sinuous and persistent bubble.
Colour: pale straw yellow, with nuances
Smell: intense floral notes of wisteria, acacia and
hawthorn. Excellent varietal expression of
yellow apple and peach.
Taste: fresh, savory, creamy and velvety. Note
well expressed minerals with a fruity return
mango and pear.
Storage: in the dark, at temperatures between 8 and
Serving temperature: 6-8°C
Pairings: aperitif wine, to be enjoyed in
company and with light first courses.